card against humanity_first expansion

Cards Against Humanity: First Expansion

As a follow-up on their successful first game, Cards Against Humanity, the creators are back in full force with a great card expansion pack that injects more outrageousness that we, horrible people that we are, enjoy.

In Cards Against Humanity, each player takes a turn at being the “Card Czar,” meaning the player will get to read question card or a statement card with blanks to be filled in. The other players then choose an answer card from the ones in their hand. They choose the answer that they think best or most outrageously goes with the question. The Card Czar then mixes all answers and selects the one they think is the best (lots of room for a warped sense of humor here), and the best answer, as judge by the Czar gets an “awesome point” and wins the round.

Once a player has 1 awesome point, he/she can wager it later on a second answer card in an attempt to have a better chance at winning a round.

You play until someone reaches the score that is set before the game starts. . . or until everyone is exhausted from laughing so hard.

Cards Against Humanity: First Expansion adds 20 question or statement cards and 80 answer cards plus 12 empty cards for players to come up with their own warped ideas.

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